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Patented Privacy & Security-as-a-Service that reduces friction and gives your customers a new peace-of-mind that their information and identity stay safe, secure and private. 

Whisper is your differentiator

Privacy & Security that sets you apart from the competition.

Patented Persistent User Authentication SDK
Stronger Assurance & Enhanced Experience

A next-generation authentication method is key to delivering an exceptional login experience, de-risking login, and preventing security breaches by enforcing the principles of Zero Trust security.  This next-gen authentication has moved beyond continuous authentication and is known as persistent user authentication (PUA).

For Your Eyes Only: Stronger Assurance

Ensure authenticity of users with unparalleled confidence. Create a For Your Eyes Only (FYEO) environment in which no improper sharing or prying eyes can access endpoints & information therein. 


Eliminate Shoulder Surfing

Protect information from knowingly or unknowingly improper sharing and potential fraud is an essential cybersecurity concern for all businesses.

Shoulder Surfing is a problem for remote work and remote access to data. Protecting information from improper sharing and potential fraud is an essential cybersecurity concern for all businesses. In a traditional office setting, physical barriers such as walls, doors, and cubicles can help prevent shoulder surfing and visual eavesdropping. However, when working remotely, these physical barriers are absent, making it easier for unauthorized users to access sensitive information. As more and more people work from home or other remote locations, the risk of a data breach increases significantly. Protecting information from prying eyes, shoulder surfing, and visual eavesdropping is essential in today's digital age, especially with the rise of remote work. By taking proactive measures, we can help ensure that our sensitive information remains secure and protected.

Protect Unattended Devices

Protect devices and their information when they are left unlocked and are unprotected.

Unattended devices are the equivalent to unattended keys to your information. These unlocked devices can serve as direct access to valuable company and personal information.

For Your Eyes Only: Enhanced Experience

Don't give users the friction of MFA or other current standards. Give them frictionless and effortless FYEO privacy and security. Increased level of user trust leads to a higher retention and LTV. 

Your Eyes Are The Key

Seamless access to information. All the user has to do is view their screen and they are in, instantly. Ensuring that only an authenticated eyes are viewing their respective data. It is an experience that is frictionless for any stakeholder accessing data, in office or remotely.

Not viewing your content, you're safe

Seamless security for information. With PUA, instant the user is not looking at their device, the information can be secure. As your eyes are the key to view the content, they also can be used to lock it up. PUA gives you the ability to adjust how quickly someone's eye tracking is off screen before securing the data.

Prevent Fraud

Protect your users, assets and data by preventing fraud before it occurs. Losing money or trust from fraud can be devastating. Block unauthorized access. Step up your anti-fraud security tools and best practices.

Combat Attacks

Protect your assets from both digital and physical unauthorized access with zero-trust technologies ready for not only today, but tomorrow's attacks as well. Give your users the 365 degree protection they deserve.

Reduce Friction

Give your users the privacy & security experience they desire. Passwordless Biometrics have laid the groundwork for our always verify privacy & security. Users have more privacy and security with less friction than current standards.

Experience True Peace-of-Mind of Zero-Trust

Out-of-the-box, intuitive privacy & security design for real-life business usability

Increase trust and safety in your app using The Whisper Company's post-quantum encryption and proprietary always verify authentication. Always verified trust recognizes trusted users and reduces the reliance on high friction authentication.

Quantum Resistant Encrypton
Patented Quantum-Resistant Encryption SDK

Post-Quantum Cryptography is in the news. Experts say that with the rise of quantum computing, encryption all the way to military grade (AES 256) encryption is at risk of being broken.



Leveraging hybrid (mixed signal) computing, chaos theory to generate (pseudo random) infinite key and a one-time-pad creates an unbreakable encryption that keeps data safe from even the future of quantum computers.


With a proprietary algorithm that allows you to encrypt communication 20-100 times faster than current solutions, there is nearly no latency and no limit to what you can encrypt.

Protection from Quantum Computing and the damage it will cause.

Post-Quantum Cryptography is in the news. Experts say that with the rise of quantum computing, encryption all the way to military grade (AES 256) encryption is at risk of being broken.

Patented Quantum-Resistant Encryption


Designed for developers. Our fast SDK integration and easy-to-use APIs will have you up and running in no time. Frictionless and user-friendly for your developers and users.

Accelerate Transformation

Protect your assets, increase customer conversions and grow your business while fighting fraud with our proprietary authentication and encryption technologies.

Deliver on the promise of privacy & security without compromising the UX performance

Simple Implementation, Stronger Privacy & Security, Frictionless UX.

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Integrate in an afternoon without breaking a sweat.

Unparalleled Data Security, Biometric Secure User Identity, Future-Resistant Technology

Don't play catchup and be the last one to the party. Be ready for the future. Give your users a one-of-a-kind privacy and security solution, lead with trust as your differentiating factor.

Protect your people, processes and technologies that help drive your modern enterprise.

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