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The Whisper Company

Our mission at The Whisper Company is to provide the next generation of secure communication.  We believe that secure communication is a human right.

We are here to change the status-quo. To go above passwordless biometric authentication and Multi-Factor authentication. 

It's time to raise the bar and the standard for privacy, security and ownership of our communications.  We, at The Whisper Company are here to do just that. 

"We want to give people the freedom to share information, without being worried of who is listening and what information they are grabbing from you."

  • BS/CHE, BS/Mt'lE

  • MS/ME, PhD/ME

  • 5 Patents: CHE & PUA

Benito "El Profe" Fernandez

  • LinkedIn

CTO, CIO & Co-Founder

Benito has 32+ years of teaching experience (University of Texas at Austin) with 100+ graduate students. supervised (12+ PhDs). Expertise in Advanced Mechatronics, Hybrid (Mixed-Signal) Computing, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS/IoT), Chaotic Hybrid Encryption Communication Kit.

  • BS/BA Marketing

  • 1 Patent PUA

Alejandro Sebastian Fernandez-Spadaro

  • LinkedIn

President, CEO & Co-Founder

Alejandro has 6+ years of experience in startups.  Bringing digital products to market and working with clients and agile development teams to create customer excellence. Expertise in brand strategy, project planning, customer discovery, go-to-market strategy and content creation.

  • BS/ME, MS/ME

Juan Sebastian


  • LinkedIn

VP of Product & Co-Founder

Juan has experience in leadership and working in the encryption space as he is the CEO of The Whisper Company's parent company TAMOSI.  Expertise in Advanced Mechatronics, Machine Learning, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS/IoT), Chaotic Hybrid Encryption Communication Kit.

  • BA in Cultural Anthropology



  • LinkedIn

Interim COO, VP of Client Services & Co-Founder

Daniel has experience working with legal and non-profits as well as organizing events and promotion. He is a Polyglot (Fluent in Spanish, German and French, basic level of Japanese & Portuguese).  Expertise in Strategy and Goal Implementation, Campaign Generation and Execution, Canvassing, Customer Outreach.

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