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Protecting Your Business, Your Data, Your People

[i-i] is secure communication for people that are security conscious, value their privacy, or a technology enthusiast.  Of these people, the ones that see the most value are individuals, executives and companies that deal with private document, messaging and voice communications. 

Image by Sebastian Pichler


Securing Attorney-Client Communications

2017 Legal Technology Survey Report sites that 22% of law firms have suffered a data breach at some time - up from 14% the previous year.  Cyber security issues are a major concern for lawyers, as they targets.  Dealing with PII client information, trade secrets, business plans, medical records, and more.  Whether it's internal communications or attorney-client communications, privacy is a must.

Image by Markus Winkler


Journalists Source Protection

When journalists report on hot-topic issues such as political dissidents, whistleblowers, or human rights, they want to know they can get their sensitive data from their sources securely and maintain their anonymity.  Many times the opposition is silenced before they can speak of the injustices they experience.  We believe that every person deserves the right to have their voice heard.

Image by Jeremy Beadle


Keep your business communication secure

The lifeblood of a company often lies in Intellectual Property (IP), Trade Secrets, and Financial Information.  That's why it is pivotal to keep communication with customers, clients, and other executives privy to only those involved.  To mitigate corporate espionage, maintain the confidence in the data being transmitted, and ensure the integrity of the data, companies need to guaranty that the most important information is secure.

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