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We Built the upgrade Authentication Needed




Continuous authentication enhances security posture, reduces the risk of security incidents, and ensure systems and data remain safe from external and internal threats, all without compromising user experience.

Authentication standards are lacking
Standard authentication leaves more to be desired. Providers and customers alike are putting up with outdated static solutions.

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One Size Fits All

Session security after access are often automatic timeouts. It leaves the user vulnerable up until timeout and they're a headache once the user is back, having to log back in.

Friction to Adopt

Standards such as Multi-Factor Authentication, Passwords and Shared Secrets take valuable time and add friction to the user's experience.

Only Upon Access

Standard authentication only ensures that the authenticated user was there upon entry. Any unauthorized user can take over at any point after.

Traditional Login is Vulnerable

A core goal in robust user login is to deliver seamless usability and maintain productivity as people access their technology.  However, if this login mechanism is poorly designed, a simplified user experience can lead to poor security.

Traditional login methods present the ideal means for cybercriminals to steal credentials and can also facilitate accidental data exposure. Either way, user login has become highly exploitable and a linchpin of security breaches.

No more choosing between zero trust security or an enhanced user experience
Simple implementation, Stronger Privacy & Security, Frictionless UX


Biometrics are
Access to


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For Your Eyes Only
Enhanced Privacy, Security and User Experience

Persistent User Authentication (PUA) *Patented

Ensure authenticity real-time throughout user's session. No need to introduce security hurdles to the end user to ensure their privacy. PUA offers a usable, secure and more easily implemented solution. Implement For Your Eyes Only. Give users the authentication, privacy and security that they desire.

What is PUA?


Continuous & More Than Access

Above the standard, the continuous nature of PUA ensures that only the authenticated user is there throughout their session. The instant they are not the only one in front of their device their information is safe. It not only keeps their information safe, but also protects the brand, reputation and trust any company works hard for.


Enhanced User Experience

Don't give users the friction of MFA or other current standards. Give them frictionless and effortless privacy and security. They can leave and come back with a seamless UX and enhanced privacy peace-of-mind. Increased level of trust leads to higher retention and LTV.

  • No unnecessary timed logout

  • Increase workflow and efficiency

  • Grant confidential quick access

  • No shoulder-surfing/visual hacking


Zero-Trust Assurance

Ensure authenticity of users throughout the session with unsurpassed confidence.  Create a For Your Eyes Only (FYEO) environment in which no improper sharing or prying eyes can access endpoints and information therein. No need to implement automatic timeout to assure an unauthenticated user doesn't hijack the user's session.

  • Zero-Trust continuous assurance

  • Protection above two-factor authentication 

  • Real-time protection. Real-time access

  • No more spoofing or hacking

Zero Trust By Design
We're Putting 'Always Verify' in Zero Trust

Always Verify, Never Trust

Visual Hacking

Visual Hacking or Visual Eavesdropping is when someone gets sensitive information by looking over someone's shoulder. The act is also often referred to as "Shoulder Surfing".

Protect personal, proprietary and confidential information from visual hacking. Second face detection ensures that information is eyes only and only viewable by authenticated users.



PUA Solutions
Implement PUA into your Mobile App, Desktop App, or take our free Messaging App for a spin.

PUA SDK for Mobile

Enabling your app to have state of the art patented authentication.

User Centric Authentication

Users care more than ever about a new level of privacy and security. They want to feel protected and know their information is safe without dealing with the friction of the industry standard. Delight your users with a seamless experience that will make them feel safe and set you apart as the most trusted.

PUA API for Desktop

Leverage the power of PUA in your desktop devices.

Trustless Desktop Protection

The remote workforce is a new normal and we have to adapt our security apparatus. Have the same peace-of-mind and control of being in the office. Ensure that only authenticated users are accessing, editing and viewing sensitive content. PUA's always verify zero trust assures only authenticated users are manage their session.

PUA Messaging App

The most secure and only FYEO messenger in the marketplace

For Your Eyes Only Messaging

Enable perfect identity assurance and remove doubt and spoofing with our one of a kind private and secure messenger. Ensure that only authenticated users can send, recieve and view contents of the app. No more wondering who sent what or second guessing the validity of content sent. Introduce ownership to communications.


Technology that's easy to integrate

Developer friendly code for easy integration. The ability to easily customize your privacy and security

Adding PUA is Easy

A simple set of zero-knowledge RESTful APIs and libraries for your mobile application or web app. 


Our lightweight SDK/API easily scales with your growing verification needs. Implement our authentication in minutes, not months.


Upgrade to continuous zero-trust authentication. Give your users a frictionless user experience and reduce fraud.



Easy Customization

Have your developers create custom settings for each scenario or pass the customization to your users. Have the ability to choose how strong the security settings are and how many faces can view the contents.


Have your brand and the trust that PUA enables be synonymous. The moment they see that their information is safe they will see your brand/logo and know that you care about data security and privacy.

Discover why forward-thinking companies are upgrading to the proprietary zero-trust persistent user authentication.

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Solution for all High Trust Industries

How a person identifies themselves during a transaction, including a login event, is crucial in the fight against cyber-attacks and fraud.

Financial Technology

Financial sector is one of the most heavily regulated and fraud-targeted industries.

In 2021, losses due to fraud increased by 79% to $24 billion, despite improved methods of transactional authentication and anti-fraud tools. Fraudsters continue to push the boundaries of cybercrime by exploiting accounts. Account Takeovers (ATO)-associated losses increased by 109% with one in twenty Americans being victims of fraud in 2021. Users, now more than ever care about the privacy and security of their finances. Trust is more of a cause for concern than ever before. If users can't trust you, they will find someone who puts their trust, privacy and security as their top priority.

Health Care Technology

The advent of open health data is making access to critical and sensitive data an area where the highest level of assurance is needed.

The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA) estimates that the financial lost caused by healthcare fraud are tens of billions of dollars yearly. Data theft and fraught is blighting the industry: the 2018 National Money Laundering Risk Assessment (NMLRA) shows that healthcare fraud is the largest source of illicit funds in the US, losing $110 billion each year. ​Open health data creates an expanded attack surface with end users, system administrators, and the like, requiring a more robust and persistent approach to authentication.

Legal Technology

Protecting sensitive and eyes only information is more imperative than ever.

Legal firms deal with highly sensitive data and govern high-value transactions.  This, places law firms at high-risk.  The American Bar Association (ABA) 2021 survey on technology use and cybersecurity evidence this finding 29% of law firms experiencing a cyber-attack. ​Ponemon calculated that the cost of credential theft had increased 65% from $2.79 million in 2020 to $4.6 million in 2021/2022. Both data access and transactions need to be secured using persistent and intelligent identification of law firm employees and clients.

Government Technology

Sensitive and classified information needs a new level of security.

Governments are uniquely positioned in terms of technology use cases; digital government services must provide technology solutions for a broad demographic of users, including citizens.  Balancing security vs. usability is critical in this sector.  Unfortunately, the government is also a target for fraud and cybercrime.  Governments must supply usable but secure identity-centric services.  Persistent, usable, secure authentication is a critical component of citizen identity.  Coupled with this are the massive supply chains used by the government.  Supply Chain Attacks often begin with a spear-phishing email that steals and circumvents poor authentication measures.

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